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Lead Generation Tools for Real Estate Investors

Lead generation is essential for real estate investors. Without them, you have no customers, no sales and no income. It’s critical that you pursue new leads every day. Real estate is such a highly competitive industry that you need a marketing strategy to make you stand out. Otherwise, you’re just another voice in the crowd. To reach your customers, you must know who they are and what they desire most. A real estate investor’s target market is most often people who need to sell their home quickly. They are either people who have relocated for a new job or who have family responsibilities and are paying two mortgages. Sometimes they are in foreclosure and looking for answers. You can reach them by offering information to help solve their problems.

Real Estate Investor

Ebooks are a proven method for generating leads. They allow you to provide your potential client with relevant information while you position yourself to close the deal. Ebooks are an inexpensive way to market that can bring in leads consistently. Coupled with social media or good SEO, they can easily become viral, making your one time commitment to produce value content a long term source of new clients. You can customize the content to reach any type of client whether you’re searching for foreclosures, rent to own deals or rehabbing opportunities. Through providing information about how your services can benefit the reader, ebooks can be used to find, buyers, sellers and even funding sources.

Online courses are another outstanding way to attract leads and provide information. Divide your content into four or five sections to send by email over a period of days. Providing valuable information is the fastest way to build trust and facilitate a business relationship. Online courses are an excellent tool for attracting new investors who know little about rehabbing and landlording. By showing them the ropes, you can create a new buyer. Offer a course to help homeowners sell their home to attract new sellers.

Videos are one of the best options available for attracting new leads. If you have a property to sell, a video can provide potential buyers a virtual tour. Capturing the email addresses of those who inquire about the property will provide you with a source of leads for future sales.  You can also create “how to” videos to offer in an online course. It’s simple to create a video. In fact, you can record them right on your smart phone and upload them online. You’ll find coupons offering superb deals on phones data packages from Boost Mobile on Groupon.